Cafe Sofia

Cafe Sofia in the lobby area of the main building serves as a dining area, cafe and break room for event participants and groups using the Sofia Ballroom. We can prepare a delightful and colourful lunch, refreshing snacks or beautifully laid out coffee catering according to your needs. The Sofia Ballroom features extra spaces for about 30 people; we can lay the single long table for about 20 people.

Cafe Sofia’s lobby area serves as the cafe’s heart and also holds the reception desk for the accommodations.

By advance agreement, we can handle all meals, snacks and coffee catering for your event. Request an offer and we will tailor the services to your needs.

During the summer season, Cafe Sofia transforms into the reception area for the accommodations and a summer cafe that is open to all. In summer, we provide services from morning till night to everyone from tourists, boaters and passers-by to guests staying in our accommodations. Stop by at Cafe Sofia to enjoy seasonal salads, pastries prepared in our own kitchen or our popular pizzas. Our drink menu boasts deliciously tasty, sparkling and refreshing beverages, wines and beers. Many visit us to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a piece of delectable cake or a freshly-baked bun.

See further information and prices of the rooms and premises here.

Services in the Cafe Sofia lobby area

  • Cash desk, pastries and drinks
  • Reception for accommodation guests
  • Seats available for about 8 persons
  • The Sofia Ballroom next door features about 30 seats; 20 places laid at a single long table